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Tutorial 2. Constraint Satisfaction for Planning and Scheduling


The tutorial introduces to constraint satisfaction technology with emphasis to its applications in planning and scheduling. It gives a brief survey of constraint satisfaction in general, including description of mainstream solving techniques, i.e., constraint propagation combined with search. Then, it focuses to specific time and resource constraints and to search techniques and heuristics useful in planning and scheduling. Last but not least, the basic approaches to constraint modelling for planning and scheduling problems are presented. As the current planning and scheduling technologies are coming together by assuming time and resource constraints in planning or by allowing introduction of new activities during scheduling, the role of constraint satisfaction as the bridging technology is increasing and so it is important for researchers in these areas to understand the underlying principles and techniques.

Intended Audience

The tutorial is targeted to a broad planning and scheduling community, in particular to those who are not familiar with details of constraint satisfaction technology. The audience will take away a basic understanding of how constraints work with more details on special constraints for planning and scheduling. No prior knowledge of constraint satisfaction is required.

Presenter Information

Roman Barták Roman Barták works as an assistant professor and a researcher at Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic). Dr. Barták leads the Constraint & Logic Programming Research Group that is involved in activities of the ERCIM Working Group on Constraints, PLANET II and CologNet. Since 1999 he led research activities of Visopt BV, a multinational company located in The Netherlands, Israel, Germany, and the Czech Republic. He is the main architect of the scheduling engine being developed by this company. His work focuses on techniques of constraint satisfaction and their application to planning and scheduling. Since 1998 he is teaching a course on Constraint Programming at Charles University, he had several tutorials on CP at conferences and summer schools and he is an author of the On-line Guide to Constraint Programming.

Tutorial URL: http://kti.mff.cuni.cz/~bartak/ICAPS2004

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